Let’s learning!

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P-3 year olds are learning the five senses and the parts of the body.  P-4 year olds are learning the phases of the moon and the planets. P-5 year olds are learning about different kinds of rocks. It’s funny to play chess. Our chessboard is very big !!!!


We learn a lot!

P-4 year olds are learning the difference between high and low sounds. Last week they played with balls and then they became princess and knights. They moved when they listened the low or the high sound. Then they learned to recognize the pitch sound and put the piece into the correct house. Finally, they listened the song “Who will win the argument” of Kabalevsky and represented it with puppets.

At Science class, P-3 year olds made predictions and observed the results about what objects float or sink. They also played with the big chessboard, it was funny!  They learned the correct position to start the game. P-4 year olds experimented with warm and cold water: they introduced some ice cubes and observed which ones had melted faster. P-5 year olds identified living and nonliving things attending to their own characteristics.

The pre-school kids started their first game of chess, it was so much fun to play with the chess’s pieces! The bee-bot taught us the names of the animals and the winter clothes. Finally we have learnt by playing with the interactive whiteboard. Carmelites is fun!

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Carnaval al Parvulari

Després de celebrar al llarg de la setmana el Carnaval a l’escola, gràcies a la col·laboració de les famílies en la cofecció de les disfresses, aquestes juntament  amb els alumnes i  els mestres vam participar a la Rueta Infantil, disfressats de pallasos.

Famílies, alumnes i mestres vam gaudir d’una tarda en família Carmelites amb motiu de la Rueta, lluint les nostres disfresses.

Un passeig per la Rambla  Nova tots plegats,  melindro i xocolata pels alumnes a la Plaça a la Font, finalitzant amb un espectacle infantil…. ens van acomiadar del Carnaval escolar.

Les mestres  agraïm la col·laboració i participació dels pares , mares , avis i àvies per tal de poder participar en un acte que fa ciutat; fa Tarragona.

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Darrer dia del trimestre: Fem cagar el Tió i ens visita el Pare Noel.

Darrer matí del trimestre. Matí replè de sorpreses… Després de cuidar el Tió les darreres setmanes, avuí ha estat el gran dia. Ens ha cagat tot tipus de llaminadures; avui si en podem menjar. Per Nadal tot si val!

El Pare Noel, acompanyat per les Mares Noels de l’AMPA, ens han desitjat unes bones festes i un esmorzar ens han  convidat.

Bon Nadal i Bon any nou 2016! Salut.

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We like English!

P-3 year olds have sung a song about winter at music class . They have got dressed with a hat, a scarf and gloves to learn the song. They also have enjoyed dancing the dance “Peu polidor”.

The children in P5 are learning the vocabulary of the objects in classroom playing with the bee bot in English. We like robotics !!

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